1.    Spoken English – Classroom

The Spoken English course at Talkwrite is designed to develop fluency along with the correct sounds of English. Grammar topics are covered only to the extent required

Batches at Talkwrite are created with the utmost consideration and only students with the same type of requirement are put in one batch. Apart from batches, we give one-on-one coaching also.

The course syllabus at Talkwrite includes the following:

1.    Grammar (only to the extent required for Spoken English)

2.    Vocabulary in the global context

3.    Tenses

4.    Reading

5.    Storytelling

6.    Pronunciation

7.    Impromptu speaking

8.    Group discussion

9.    Role plays

There is a fast track option also available for students/learners who want to expedite their learning. The time and cost for this will have to be worked out after a personal meeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•    Do I get any books as part of the course?

Yes. In the first month, you will get two books – the first one is on basic vocabulary and the second one covers Grammar and Tenses.

In the second month, you get a book on advanced vocabulary.

In the third month, you get a book on Phrasal verbs with questions for written exercises.

On completion of the course, you will get an eBook titled “600 confusing English words explained”.

•    What is the course duration?

The course usually lasts for 3 months after which students are welcome on the weekend to continue practising what they have learnt. The weekend visits after the entire course are free of charge and the timing of the class may change.

•    Is there a weekend option also?

Yes. For working executives who are not able to take out time on weekdays, there is a weekend option also. More information on this can be given on phone or a visit to the academy.

2.    Spoken English – Online

This option is for people who cannot come to the academy because of the distance or have a busy schedule. Classes will be conducted online through Zoom. The books will be emailed to you if you are not able to make it to the academy. Batch size will be restricted to five people

Online classes will be effective if the student has a laptop and a good internet connection