Public Speaking is one of the top three fears of a human being. In fact, some studies define it as the number one fear in the world. People dread standing in front of a group and speaking. The fear of making mistakes, not knowing what to say and stammering, keeps many people away from Public Speaking.

The Talkwrite Public Speaking course does not believe in fancy theories but practical lessons. We believe that the way to conquer a fear is to face it head-on. Students are given topics and are asked to speak on it standing in front of a group. Feedback is then provided on various aspects of Public Speaking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•    Who can enrol for this course?

This course is meant for people who want to improve their Public Speaking ability. Students are expected to have a reasonable command over English. This is not a Spoken English class and does not cover any aspects of English fluency.

•    What do you cover in this course?

Topics are given to students and they are asked to speak in front of a group. Once the student has finished, feedback is provided on the following aspects:

1.    Opening

2.    Thought flow

3.    Nonverbal filters

4.    Eye contact

5.    Clarity of speech

6.    Voice modulation

7.    Posture

•    When is the course held?

This course is mostly held on weekends

•    How big is the group?

The group consists of 8 to 15 people

•    What is the course fees?

You can pay a monthly or a per weekend charge. More information on the phone or a visit to the academy