Everyone dreams of a job with a multinational company. If you speak fluent English it can open the doors to a multinational career. If you are already working with a company and speak fluent English you could stand apart from the rest of your colleagues and climb the corporate ladder with ease.

If you want to study English at work then the Business English course will help you communicate in everyday professional situations such as:

•    Interviews

•    Phone calls

•    Meetings

•    Email writing

•    Presentations

•    Interacting with co-workers/clients

………..and more

You will also learn vocabulary in some critical areas of business such as:

•    Finance

•    Sales & marketing

•    Entrepreneurship

•    Retail & manufacturing

•    HR

We will also teach you some common expression for:

•    Networking & small talk

•    Sales & Customer service

•    Contract Negotiation

•    Business Idioms

•    Discourse markers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•    How is this course different from the Spoken English course?

In the Business English course, the focus is more on learning Corporate and Business verbiage. Students who enrol for this course are expected to know English at an intermediate level. Things like grammar and Tenses will not be covered in this course.

•    What is the course duration?

The course usually takes 3 weeks (Weekday option) and 8 weeks (weekend option)

•    Do I get any books as part of the course fees?

Yes. You get two books as part of this course. Each book has approximately 180 pages each. Every lesson is followed by a quiz, so you can test your knowledge. There are tests after every ten lessons

•    Is there a flexi-time option also?

Yes. You can buy the books from the academy and go through them at your own pace. You can come to the academy for any clarification by giving prior intimation and at a mutually agreed time

•    Can I see the sample books before I pay?

Yes. You can come down to the academy and have a look at the books. If you are not based in Pune, then a sample chapter can be sent through email,

•    Can I do this course through email?

Yes. The lessons are all self-explanatory with exercises at the end of every chapter. The lessons will be emailed to you in sets so that you can go through them. You are welcome to come to the academy at a mutually agreed time or meet over Skype to clarify your doubts.