English has become a global language and you cannot succeed in any field today if you are not able to communicate fluently in English. People with good English speaking skills stand out in a crowd.

The unemployment rate in India continues to be a worry. Students are not employable due to lack of communication skills or put simply English speaking skills

Talkwrite English Academy was founded with a clear purpose of helping students and working professionals with their English language skills

The English courses at Talkwrite are designed to develop fluency and communicate confidently. The main focus area throughout any course is on speaking. At Talkwrite we do not follow a one-course-fits-all approach. The course content is designed after a personal meeting and understanding how much exposure you have had to English till date and the purpose for which you are learning English

At Talkwrite we believe in teaching English in a clear and practical way. The emphasis is on day-to-day English and not fancy vocabulary which only a few will understand.